Multible Births for Illo Fri topic "multible"

I started with 3 different kitties. i liked the picture, but it didn't seem to fit the theme for this weeks topic. So I added 2 more kitties and was not happy at all . Did something i didn't want to do, "Cut/ Paste".  Best part of this discovered drawing with vine charcoal on smooth bristol plate sheets!


Marina said...

I like these kitties!

Heather said...

I think you ended up with a great piece. I love the individual expressions.

Kevin Levell said...

I really like the expressions you have on the cats!

I didn't notice there had been any Cmd-C, Cmd-V going on at all! looks very natural - good work.

I love the expessiveness you're getting with the charcoal too!

Michael said...

Thanks for visiting, Linda!

They were quite delicious.

I like the lines in your work. Fantastic energy...

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