Frida by me

After seeing a collection of Frida Kahlo portraits at a local shop, portraits on tile, postcards, key chains etc.. all by different artist, I became curious to do my own Frida portrait. I went online to research and learned that fifty-five of her 143 paintings are self portraits she said "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone. because I am the person I know best".
I like this picture , that's why I posted it but I know I've got a lot to learn about pastels, portraits and even my own style it will probably be a while before I can do a portrait and truly be happy with the results. Meanwhile I practice. Here's a good link with photos of Frida and a small sampling of her

(pastel on 9 x 12 paper)


ValGalArt said...

I was given a Frida Kahlo book about 20 years ago and I still cherish it! I find her fascinating. I think you did a beautfiul job! I find portraits extremely difficult to do!

md said...

not sure wht u find bad about it but i like it nice portrait of a great artist and her hubby wasnt to bad as an artist either

Marion said...

Very good!

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