Entry for Illustration Friday, Dry pastels on paper.
My god-daughter, in this moment she's pleased, and satisfied she's on an amusement ride with a steering wheel, it's the only kind of ride she would stay on. She drove planes, boats, and cars she worked the steering wheel, the knobs and buttons like she was in total control.


L. A. Stern said...

Hi Linda,

Lovely pastel work. I haven't yet tried pastel, but your work is inspiring me ;)



Ellen said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LOL! Funny how kids are. My grandson (3) was given some tools to "work" on his tricycle this weekend. He must have "worked" for an hour as if he knew what he was doing!

Christy Beckwith said...

Oh, this is super cute!

HARDWAX said...

Your god child has a sweet little face, you've done a beutiful rendering with the soft pastels, I admire your skill. Excellent work!

Gabrielle said...

Someday I'll be able to do pastel!

I like how you get such amazing, realistic detail on her face, yet also throw in the fun accent colors in her hair and in the background. Nice!

ValGalArt said...

Darling and I Looove the colours!!!!

Catnapping said...

this is beautiful. she has such spirit in her eyes. great illustration!

Lea said...

thanks Linda!....like i said i never thought i could draw hands...if its any help.. i printed out a copy of the photo...and the taped it to my window and taped my blank paper over it and traced the basics to get the proportions just right.....a method i always teach my drawing students but never use myself!..fool!.....i've also found fingers are always longer than we think.

hope that helps and encourages you not to be a big girls blouse about drawing hands like i have been for SO many years!

all the best, lea
oh p.s...love this illo..and particuly love the clean/opposites

Amy Zaleski said...

Linda, this is just beautiful! Your pastel work is amazing, and your goddaughter a real cutie. I'm just getting into children's portraits myself ~ they're pretty challenging! I must say yours is a total success!

Linda said...

Thanks for your comments. I really, really enjoyed doing this and looking foward to do more. I was so happy today when my god-daughter saw the picture looked in awe and said "me"

carla said...

This is really, really lovely! I like the soft colors that surround her face and bring out her gorgeous eyes. What a pretty little girl and a truly stunning portrait. I love the look you get with pastels, and i think they're really great for portraits.

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