Beware my fellow digital artist!!! Take care of your wrist.
I’ve developed wrist Tendonitis. At my full time job I sit in front of five monitors and my hand hardly ever Leaves the mouse, clicking and dragging, clicking and dragging. The repetitive movement has caught up with me so I’ve been prescribed to wear a brace full time for a while. I can still do most things, but if I use the mouse to long, because of the wrist position the pain becomes excruciating. I can’t draw or paint with the brace on so Against doctors orders I take it off . Art was my first passion in life. Now that I ‘m back to it there’s no way I’m going to let this put me under. So at work I favor my left hand as much as I can this saves my right hand so I can do what is really important to me, my art. My main focus right now is a children’s picture book series that I’m collaborating on. Luckily I’m using watercolor.

For the chair illo I drew it with ink (with my right hand ) scanned and colored it in Adobe
With mostly my left hand. My style has been pretty loose anyway some might even say sloppy.

Anyway my whole point of this post is to warn others. There are preventive measures
I’m not a doctor but I know there are good hand exercises the way you sit, the height of you work area all make a difference. And pay attention to the Warning signs (PAIN) : ) so that it doesn’t develop into carpal tunnel.


phinner said...

Amazing!!! Ambidextrous art!!!

Healing thoughts for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

I am a lefty, but I use my right hand to draw with on illustrator.

Go figure.

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