FREE - Illustration Friday


frank h said...

I am looking at your art, Linda - I like it - there is something extrange and attractive in it.
Your style is very personal and I like that too.

My faves are, this - Free, and Cold - they are excellent!

(excuses if my English has some mistakes, is not my mother tongue, and I am studying it right now)

creative kismet said...

Great illo. Very soft and romantic.

ValGalArt said...

This is so sweet!

ratlion said...

Hello..Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and giving me feed back :)
Nice illo...Especially like the girl in the picture.

Wilnara said...

I love this illustration! I love the way the flowers flow about the background so freely and how you can sense that love is about to flow freely too! Really nice usage of color and the whole composition is enticing! Nice work!

carla said...

This is so sweet and carefree...I love the fine flowers and the happy expressions on their faces. You have such a light-hearted quality to your work...the colors are luminous and almost transluscent. Beautiful:>

Alina Chau said...

adorable charming!!

dayna said...

It's nice and all....but he's saving money by stealing "free flowers"....Nice work Auntie....must all the men look like some variation of John. :-) I need to see Joey's dad for our book....curious.

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