I did two this week because the waiter was already in progress and then I went out and saw a man smoking outside in the cold on a bench, he looked so pleased like he was really really enjoying his smoke. I'm guessing it was a rare pleasure because he looked like he was short on money (very short on money)Anyway for a fleeting moment
I thought it would be nice to indulce in a cigarett. I got over it. And that would have been a broken promise to myself since I quit over a year ago. So insted I enjoyed doing this picture. I hope you'll like one or the other.


Alina Chau said...

Nice funny concept!!

Catnapping said...

oh god, i feel so sorry for that man. lol.

i'm glad you're not smoking. I know your family is happy. I can tell you with certainty (having lost loved ones to cancer and heart disease)...smoking's a killer.

Paula said...

Love both, but the waiter especially. Very good drawings.

Ms. Momma said...

Both are good, but I enjoyed the waiter more. How many times have we seen that happen! Two very different concepts created very well. Nice job!

Linda said...

It happenend to me with a tray of bloody marys AND it was my first day on the job. I should have drawn that (maybe later)
very messy. eeek

Berry said...

I love your illustrations...if I ever write that children's book I will be looking for you :-)

Wilnara said...

I love the waiter illustration! Really Nice concept for this weeks theme.

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